History Of BENNU (By Godiris)


BENNU (By Godiris) is a famous Brand of *Anatakoti Gladiolus Foods & Nutriments Private Limited  company* . We use the amazing power of Indian Made Gift Packs to delight and engage our customer. We bring people together to create dignified trading relations, empowering both trade partners . BENNU relationship with India dates back to 2013, when it began trading as Chocoworld a small Family Owned Business under Sai Kripa Foods . Providing the Gift Packs for selling the finished products in the Indian market. At BENNU (By GODIRIS), we pride ourselves on how we attend to customer's needs including being transparent and excellence in quality of Best Gift Products at Valuable Price. Our trust towards customer and their loyalty they place in our products through their everyday purchases are at the integral of the long-lasting undefined true relationship that we enjoy with them from several years .GODIRIS is premium brand which is limited to selling Best Quality Gift Packs only.

In 2013 December the foundation ”BENNU” (By Godiris) had been laid. The Company was founded in 2013 by Mr Anuroop Sharma (Managing Director) and Mrs Tanu Sharma (Director – Production  Admin) all worked for the family business in the early age . In earlier days ”BENNU” (By Godiris) (By

 were selling gift pack in the name of “Chocóworld” in kg form . The Godiris gift packs of different flavors were available in kg form . In 2014 we had first introduced our gift pack range of different flavors which were catering the market . The Company “M/S SAI KRIPA FOODS sales and firm registration were, done in 2014 . The company got the FSSAI approval in 2015. In the 2016 March Chocoworld is transformed into ”BENNU” (By Godiris) which registered under  Indian Trademark Act . in 2016 the ”BENNU” (By Godiris) is placed over 60 outlets in lucknow .

BENNU (by Godiris) entered the confectionary  food  industry in 2013 when there was the countless players in the market and chance of facing competition is very tough. We were basically entered into gift segment . We were facing challenges from the big companies in India and Imported players also . The Company insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same in its relationships . “BENNU” (By Godiris) is known for its best quality of food products. Our gift pack exclusive range gives edge over our competitors. We offer different variety of gift packs at different price which is very economical. In BENNU (By Godiris) we had a dream to change the thinking of customer about hand crafted food products. 

Our 6+ year history has a rich timeline. New products and services, new business segments and many new best business partners , but one thing remains same . We’re still a family business at heart which prime objective is to provide best quality products at best prices . You’ve been enjoying BENNU (By Godiris) products and services for years, and we’d like to share with you a little about who we are.

In July 2019 BENNU (By Godiris)  got registered into Anantakoti Gladiolus Foods & Nutriments Private Limited in companies Act 2013 (18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the companies Act (Incorporation) Rules 2014 from Sai Kripa Foods.

Anantakoti Gladiolus Foods & Nutriments Private Limited

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