History Of Godiris


GODIRIS was formed in 2013 as small family start up . In early Days the Godiris use to sell in the name of "Chocoworld" in Kg form . We use to sell chocolates in Kg for example . 1 Kg , 2 kg , 5 Kg Or More . We got a good response from the market regarding the quality of Chocolate as Home Made Production which were accepted by the customer . In January 2014 the Chocoworld  got registered and sales tax registration also done in that year . In February   2014 we first introduced our gift pack range in the market which became a great hit regarding packing and qualtiy . In 2015 we got our FSSAI license .

Later 2015 we introduced our new gifting range into the market . In 2016 March were a great start for us the Chocoworld were transformed into “GODIRIS” and got registered into Indian Trade Mark Act . In the Year 2016 our chocolates also got Lab tested from one of the Lab Approved from Fssai . GODIRIS is known for its best quality of Chocolates in affordable rates . Our gift pack range and quality give us edge to our competitor . In GODIRIS we had a dream to change a thinking of a customer about “Home Made Chocolates” . Every one of our brands  “GODIRIS” we are committed to offering great tasting products  at affordable Price . We do this by using high quality ingredients and by employing the highest standards of quality control.

We’re young  team which highly energetic  to fulfil your Chocolates gift Pack needs . An emerging player , our goal is to satisfy a diverse section of society, right from the common man to large corporate . We are a team of industry experienced  with expertise FMCG  and Sales and Distribution  making sure that you get a Great Experience .